This excellent blog posting, below, gets to the core of the issue of designing transport infrastructure for the purpose of enabling people to move around easily safely and at good speed; this is not the same as the aim of enabling motor traffic to move easily, safely and fast.
I have seen some of this difference myself in the Netherlands and it is something to give encouragement in what can be frustrating campaign efforts; as one commenter says, it is worth campaigning, or we can be sure nothing will improve in UK.
Best wishes, and safe journeys, to all of you who are trying.

As Easy As Riding A Bike

One of the most striking things about cycling in the Netherlands is the difference in the demographics you encounter. On my usual cycling trips in Britain, the people cycling around me are typically aged between 20 and 50, and mostly male. Children and the elderly (especially children) are almost entirely absent.

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By contrast, cycling in the Netherlands broadly reflects the population at large; it is available to all, to anyone who chooses to ride a bike.

Elderly people in particular formed a considerable proportion of the people I met while cycling on my recent trip. This is probably a function of the fact that, cycling from city to city in the middle of the day, I was more likely to meet people who weren’t working, or who were retired. But even at the weekends, the proportion of people cycling who were elderly was large, and the numbers, in general, of elderly people out…

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