This well-written blog puts the case clearly for designing and implementing practical and coherent networks that are safe, direct and attractive for people of all ages and abilities, using different varietiea of ‘bike’.
It comes down to priorities, thinking first how to make it easy, direct and safe (both objectively and subjectively, including free from intimidation and abuse) for people to get around without cars: on foot, mobility aids, cycling first, then public transport. He makes a good point that the time of people using bikes is as important as that of people driving, a point that seems to be missed by most traffic planners when they put in place cycle routes – too often “routes to nowhere”.
He reminds us too that cycle campaigners need to raise their (our) sights and aim for deeper change at council and government level: a change of priorities. It is not as though elected representatives are incapable of taking unpopular decisions for the greater good, the smoking ban in pubs has proven very successful against strong opposition. They can do it, if we can generate the right conditions.
So, I invite you to read on…