Here in UK we are becoming so ‘tribal’ in our attitudes to different vehicles that we are in danger of forgetting that all of us are people wanting to move around by whatever means is safest and most convenient for us. This blog is a good reminder that infrastructure is, or should be, for the benefit of all of us, not just one or other group defined by the mode of travel:


Every now and then one of my videos shows someone in a mobility scooter using the cycle paths. This is usually completely by chance and to most Dutch this is nothing special. People with disabilities can and do use all types of vehicles, from mobility scooters to hand-operated tricycles, legally on the cycle paths. It gets them from A to B safely without being dependent on someone helping them. In other words; the cycle paths offer people with disabilities a great freedom to travel where they wish.

The laws in Europe for what are old-fashionedly called ‘Invalid Carriages’ vary a lot. If you compare the UK with the Netherlands for instance there are huge differences. In the UK a mobility scooter may only go 8mph (12.9km/h) on the road. That is very slow and most people would think twice about getting on the road and mix with much…

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