Today I was nearly run down on a pedestrian (zebra) crossing, clearly visible even from a distance by the flashing orange beacons on each side and the island in the middle of the road. The driver clearly didn’t want to stop even though I was already out on the crossing. I stood my ground (I was not yet in his direct line of travel) and he stopped. I continued across, with a polite wave of appreciation. I see this, and far more dangerous and aggressive driving, increasingly often at the crossing, which my flat overlooks.
On the rest of my commute today, on a bike, I saw at least three car drivers running red lights, only one cyclist doing so. Again, I see this a lot here. If there are cameras on the lights then they must be inactive.
I have also seen a surprising number of people cycling on the road without any lights and ineffective or no reflectors, not only illegal but really stupid.
There is a lot of stupid and dangerous driving and riding going on, though the difference is that a foolish cyclist will get the worst consequences, whereas a foolish driver will largely get away with it, even if ever brought before the law.
It’s a dark Friday evening, I’m taking it easy going home.
Safe journeys.