About this blog

This blog is intended to form a collection of ideas, reflections and questions on the topic of Infrastructure.
I use that term in a wide sense, beyond roads, railways, canals and basic utilities, to encompass some of the organisations and institutions that can justifiably be considered foundations of a modern technological society; education, health and medical/dental services, law and its enforcement, a government structure, communication etc.
I hope to put up questions about issues such as the ‘ownership’ of infrastructure, about current models of who owns what, how it is paid for, profit and investment, the underlying purpose and social outcomes of different elements of infrastructure, issues of resilience and sustainability.. Over- ambitious? Perhaps. Maybe the vision I have tends towards utopian, though it is grounded in the reality I observe, read about and experience and, besides, if we do not develop a clear vision of how we want to live as a civilisation, then we stand weaker and more vulnerable to disruption from within or from our environment.
How far this goes will depend on time, opportunities to reflect and research, what I learn on the way and other matters like work, health and that sort of thing. I hope to achieve some overall coherence, though that may not become apparent until later when, looking back, a pattern may emerge.
But I start out with hope and an idea and a direction, a reasonable way to begin a journey, and I will start with simple things, on a bicycle…

scotland cycle trip - 040


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